This is going to be the only guide on how to manifest money that you’ll need to manifest money fast… ever. Because I’ll give you five proven steps to manifest money in your life, along with a secret technique to completely rewire your mind and manifest anything you want in your life.

These five steps are scientifically proven and it is being tested by me and my friend to manifest our desires quickly in as little as seven days. That’s why I called it ‘The Proven Guide.’

So, if you also want to manifest money fast in your life, then you should not miss this guide.

Who Am I? And Why I Created This Guide?

My name is Pascal Deschamps, and I am a psychologist, spiritual mindset coach, and do motivational speeches sometimes. I feel it is my life purpose to teach people on how they can break a barrier, level up their life, and manifest all good things in their life. I firmly believe I came to this planet to teach the real truth about the money.

I decided to create this guide after getting tired of watching so many people undercharge, under earn, drown themselves in money misery, and talking bullsh*t when it comes to money.

Manifest Money FastEither you raised believing money is the root of all evil, or you never experienced having enough money for your life, or you are struggling to meet your end meets, or you got plenty of green bucks but still feeling something is missing.

It doesn’t matter in whatever stage you are, you need help. You can come out of your financial troubles and can drop all your struggle.

I get you 100%. I was there too. Thankfully, I came out of this, and I feel you can also.

I started my journey of learning how to manifest money fast after being 25,000 in debt while earning only $400 a week. I was stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed when it comes to my financial condition. Money was a significant source of stress for me.

I understand how you are feeling right now, I feel the called to help you. Thus, the Universe aligns me to write this guide and you also to visit this site and read it.

I want to show you that it is far more possible to bring more money in your life, drop your struggle, even if you don’t “Know” from where the extra money will come.

I know it sounds crazy now, but I often do it. So does, my friends, followers, and readers like you.

So, let’s jump into the first step of how to manifest money into your life…

Step 1: Be Clear On What You Want:

Most people can’t able to manifest their desire because of two things, which are:

NegativityLaw of Attractions says, “If you have a negative feeling about others, then you are stopping good stuff from happening in your life.” That’s true! The point is others may be rascals, but it’s not worth to have bad thoughts about them.

A Lot of negative thinking comes of the thoughts hidden deep inside long-held belief of being unworthy. Try looking in the mirror every day and telling yourself, “I love you, just as you are.” It will be uncomfortable in the beginning few days, but with the time you see self-love and self-acceptance create the foundation of having the life you want.

Resistance – Most people don’t know how to think when they desire something. A desire that you don’t believe in it is pretty awful. However, if the desire is a powerful desire and you have a strong believe in it, and it has no resistance that it will come fast. You see, it is all about resistance.

Do you know why it is easier to get small things in life? Because you are not overthinking about it. In other words, you are not offering too much resistance to it.

You can start by manifesting many small things in your life like a yellow cycle, a red balloon or a butterfly. Spend one minute thinking about these objects in your mind, indulge a little on how they look like, sound like, and smell like, etc. Then release it from the mind, and go for your day. Before very long, that object will come in front of you.

If you want a Ferrari F12 that greats! But do you believe you can manifest it if you have a Toyota Corolla?

Break your big goals into smaller ones. Your journey needs to be from a better car… to a better car… to a better car… then ultimately getting a Ferrari.

This is same for money as well.

When you think about how much money you want, it is important to think something believable for you right now. You can attract plenty of money, but most of us have resistance thoughts about it. We believe we need to work hard to earn money.

But the fact is, we are pinching off the flow of money that was coming to us.

So the bottom line is, get clear of what you want and make sure you believe it is possible.


The first exercise of how to manifest money is to write down what you want and why you want.

I want you to download and print the order form below (click it to enlarge).

Order form

In this form, write down what you want and why you want. This is important because hand-writing a form activates more brain cells than typing and this form help you to focus only on those things that you want.

Write down the exact car, the exact money you want and also why do you want it.

Step 2: Visualize It:

Visualization is a powerful tool to create what you want in your life.

I know you have heard about visualization before and may have tried it. But the visualization technique you are going to learn from here is different. In fact, this visualization technique is often used by top athletes to bring gold medals or break world records.

Quantum physics says that when you close your eye and visualize, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what we are visualization and what we are seeing.

It doesn’t know the difference between what we are imagining and what we are experiencing.

This is why the 1979 Russian Olympic team won so many gold medals that they were accused of cheating.

However, the fact is they mastered the art of visualization.

Although many athletes tried visualizing winning a gold medal, what they did differently was they let their athletes engage all five senses when they visualized. They didn’t just come up with the picture of winning a gold medal, although this was an important part of it…

The Russian sports psychologist let his athletes imagine every part of their routine.  Right from the moment they chalked their hands to the moment they wear gold medals on their chest.

They were told to use every sense of their body.

So the psychologist told their players to close their eyes and start from the beginning. They were told to feel (touch) the chalk as they spread on their hands. They were told to see (sight) the audience and auditorium where the competition was held.

They were told to hear (hearing) the hustling of the audience as they wait for their turn to lift the weight. And they were told to engage their other senses of smell and taste too.

I told this story to you because I want you to start visualizing once again. But this time, do a little bit differently and use your all five senses.

Many people who want to learn about how to manifest money think they can’t visualize, the truth is everyone can.

But you have to visualize like Russians are doing it. It is best to visualize when you are relaxed, and in a state of calm.

This is exactly what Manifestation Magic audios are meant to do!

These audios are meant to get your relaxed and into a state of calm.

Having these audios is like having professional sports psychologists, assisting you to manifest anything you want in your life.

Now let’s cover how to visualize like Olympic athletes, and other professionals do!

How To Visualize

What I like to do after listening to calming, relaxing audios is to close my eyes for a few minutes and visualize what I want. I usually set 3-minute timer and make sure I don’t go too long.

Visualizing right after listening to the audios is a great way to imagine what you want.

However, the key is to use your imagination to see, hear, smell, and even taste with your mind’s eye what you want.

In the example of a car, imagine the year, make, model of the car, and color as well…

Imagine getting into it and touching the handle with your hands of your dream car.

Imagine the smell of the car interior. If it is a leather interior, then smell it!

Imagine holding the keys in your hands, and turning it on…

Imagine the sound of the car, and feel the rumbling vibrations if it’s not electric…

Then imagine the feeling when you take it for a spin…

Imagine how good it feels when you drive your dream car!

And imagine driving it back to your home and parking it.

This will not take much longer. Just a few minutes of visualization will help, and I wouldn’t suggest you do it over 5 minutes because if you go over 5 minutes, it will dampen your enthusiasm.

Step 3: Feel Good Now!

Now, this is very important point of understanding how to manifest money and once you get it, you are all set to manifest anything you want in your life.

Most people think we visualize something because we want it – in order to manifest what we want.

But that’s not the right reason!!

Let me explain…

Visualizing what you want is like ordering what you want from the universe.

But when you visualize something in order to get it, then you often add resistance to your order…

This is a very important point, and once you get it, you will be glad that you did…

Let me ask a few questions

Why do you want what you want? Why you want your dream car? Why do you want a whole lot of money?

Isn’t the answer to these questions is that you want it because once you have it, you will feel better?

We already know the way the universe work is you have to feel first to get it.

But when you want something in order to feel good, then you are adding resistance to it. And then, either it won’t even come, or it will take longer to come.

What the point then?

The point is since you want things in order to feel good then feel good REGARDLESS if you have it or not yet.

So, when you visualize, don’t visualize because you want something.

Visualize Because It Feels Good…

When you feel good regardless of whether what you want is here, then you offer no resistance to it. Not only you genuinely feel better now, but also what you want will come faster to you.

Although it is ironic and annoying, but this is how it works.

When you visualize because it feels good, regardless if you have it now, you are focused on ABUNDANCE.

Even the word “abun-dance” has the word dance in it. The Universe keeps on giving clues about what attitude to have, and what to do!

I know it sounds strange and someone may say,” Alright! I will sacrifice everything and choose to feel good now so that I can get what I want”

If this the person says, he is missing the point here. It is like ‘feeling good’ doesn’t even matter to him, and this is what matter most when it comes to manifestation.

You have to visual because of the pleasure of visualization

You have to feel good because of the pleasure of feeling good

Don’t wait for the outside conditions to change in order to feel good!

Do it now regardless of reality. Do it regardless of how bad things are. Do it regardless of your bank account. And do it regardless of what others think so.

When you purposely choose to feel good regardless if you have what you want, you’ve mastered the law of attraction.

Exercise (Visualize + Feeling Good)

Create a vision board, you can do this by cutting the pictures from a magazine or creating a Pinterest board.

You may have heard about vision boards before, but this vision board will going to be a little bit different.

Instead of collecting images of only those things that you want in your life (fantasy cars, dream home, etc.), you have to attach pictures of those things that reflect your life now that you are appreciated and grateful for.

You can attach pictures of things and people that make you happy. Words and numbers that mean something to you.

What this does is it aligns your desires. The vision board should not only contain pictures of things you want to manifest, but it should include pictures of those things, and memories that you already successfully manifest and all things that brighten up your life.

It is easier to increase your vibration when your desires mix up with things you currently have. Our brain doesn’t distinguish between the two. If seeing your vision board makes you feel good, you’re attracting more of it.


Step 4: Allow:

Life is supposed to be easy, enjoyable, and peaceful. But we have trained otherwise. We start believing life is hard.

As Albert Einstein said, “The most important decision we can make is believing if we live in a friendly or hostile world.”

It all depends on your belief. If you feel you live in a friendly world, then you will. However, if you think you live in a hostile world, you will.

This is why the ability to allow the universe to support you is so important.

Allowing means dropping all resistance that the universe was going to deliver to you. It means dropping negativity so that you can attract what you want in your life.

This is the reason the art of allowing is so important.

This art of allowing calls for having a trust in the universe and in the law of attraction.

Actually, it is good news for us all; it is about spending life in a way that is much easier than we know.

This art of allowing is not about worrying anymore; instead it is about being better, kinder, and happier to yourself. It is about enjoying your life on a purpose to become a vibration match to everything that you want in your life.

This is why happy people attract more happiness in their lives, and they allow more good stuff to come to them.

The great thing is, you can also do that!

All you need to do is to FOCUS ON JOYFUL THINGS, rather than desiring what you want. This way, you let go of resistance.

In the form provided below, you have to write down all the things that make you happy. It can be anything such as walking in the park, getting a massage, sleeping on the beach sand, riding a bike, etc.

Allow form

Bonus Tip – Let Go Of Tension:

You cannot think the way out of your negativity, you have to feel it to get it out. Try this exercise to let go your negativity and allow good things in your life.

Lie down, take a deep breath and exhale all your tension way out from your body.

Go through all parts of your body and allow everything to relax one by one. Start from the forehead, relax your arms, relax your hands, and your stomach area.

You should learn to sit in a calmed and relaxed state to release unwanted and unneeded tension.

Step 5: Identify And Overcome Obstacles:

One of the critical steps of how to manifest money is becoming aware of yourself. When you become aware of yourself, you will be able to identify obstacles, and when you identify obstacles, you will do something about them.

For most of us, the obstacles we faced in our lives are common. Here are the top obstacles people face:

  • Judging others
  • Always want to be right
  • Caring too much about what people will say
  • Allowing other people to make them feel down
  • Watching the news
  • Regard the past
  • Fear of the future
  • Getting angry on anything
  • Road rage
  • Fighting for things you don’t need
  • Trying to control things you can’t control

These are all the obstacles to allowing. When you are getting any one of them then you are not allowing, you are resisting…

If you are doing anything that makes you feel negative is the opposite of allowing.

That’s why I recommend you to listen to theta frequencies audios to clear out all negative thoughts and rewire your mind to stop these negative thoughts from coming again. It is not an overnight process, but if you stick with the routine and listen to these audios daily, you will surely see positive changes in your attitude and thoughts.

These audios will put you in the state of allowing and help you in identifying your obstacles so that you can overcome them.

This is important step of how to manifest money that you have to master. This step is about purposely choosing to feel good about yourself that will help you in becoming a more positive person. It means that always looking for a glass half full instead of half empty.

Here is the form that you can use to write down your obstacles on the left, and how you are going to solve them on the right.

Identify And Overcome Obstacles Form

Bonus Tip – Self-Love

It becomes a lot easier when you starting loving and accepting yourself.

Instead of worrying about eliminating negative thoughts, you have to focus on self-love and appreciation. This way you will find genuine positivity and optimism about yourself because you are not by forcing it.

When you love yourself and feel worthy, it will become easier to visualize what you want.

To do this, you have to avoid watching news, stop judging others, stop getting into gossips, and even stop thinking negatively about others.

You have to reward yourself by taking good care of your body, mind, and spirit.

This means, doing what you love to do such as walking in the park, or getting a massage, or spending time with your family, lifting weight in the gym or anything that makes you feel good.

If money is tight, then you can do many free things to make yourself happy.

Ask yourself, what is the one single thing you want to do to become the person of your dream? What are the small steps that you can take in the next 24 hours that require nothing? Maybe it can be reading a book, walking in the nearby park, making a phone call, or walking in a different direction. Whatever it is, you are in 100% control of the small actions you can take today to become the person of your dream.

Bonus Tip – Remove Social Media:

To remain positive, you have to consider people you are interacting on a regular basis. Ask yourself if the person you are interacting with is encouraging or discouraging you to remain in a positive state of mind.

Social media is the hub of negative messages, posts, and images. Unfollow people whose posts make you feel down and bring negative emotions. Avoid getting in an argument with anyone because you can’t help someone from a place of negativity.

Combining All Steps

With every thought you get, you have two options. You can either use it to feel better or use it to feel bad.

Brain Entrainment audio tracksYou have control, you can use the thought to have a better feeling. And my main objective of writing this guide is to teach you how to manifest money in your life by using your thoughts and feeling in a positive way.

Let the ‘Brain Entrainment’ audio tracks to do all the heavy lifting for you.

You have to understand how these audio tracks work to make them work for you.

In order words, you have to use these audio tracks to raise your vibration, and when you don’t listen to these audio tracks, you have to keep your vibration high.

Yes! It’s possible! You can control the way you want to use your thoughts.

And, it is not difficult.

All you have to do is to listen to these audio tracks and chose to feel good no matter what happens.

Once you can do it, then just sit back and see your orders come to life!

Many of my readers told me they set the intentions after completing the cosmic order form to receive either…

Their manifestation right away.

Or if more time is needed for the place, people, and event to align with their desire, they asked for an unmistakable flashing “Neon Sign” from the universe within 24 hours to let them know that they are on the right track.

These signs can come in any form, including…

Angel Numbers – These are the same pattern of numbers such as 111, 222, 1212, etc. that you often see again and again in different places like TV, license plate, clock. If you feel you are magically drawn towards them to see them, then it means this is a sign from your angel or your ‘higher-self.’

The most important number pattern for abundance is “888” which also looks like “a symbol of infinity.”

Sign From Nature – Some people inform me that after listening to Manifestation Magic audios, they feel like nature wants to communicate with them. For instance, one person told me he was walking in a garden when a beautiful feather falls from the sky into his path. It is often the sign from your angels that they are working to bring your desire to life.

Phone Calls or Email – Another very common sign my readers received after listening to Manifestation Magic audios is that they often get a phone call or email from the person that helps them towards achieving their desire.

For example, after listening to Manifestation Magic audios for a week, I got an email from Godaddy domain broker that connect me with the person who brought my one-year-old domain in $5,000.

Sometimes, signs are not that exact. Sometimes, you get into the conversation that helps you in bringing your manifestation into your life.

Repeated Objects or Specific Sign – Another common sign is you see the same object or sign again and again in a short amount of time. For example, one of my readers told me one day he saw his desired car and in the same color on three occasions – on TV, on the billboard, and on the road. Right after one month, he landed a new job that gave him the same colored car he desired.

If you start seeing the same sign again and again then it means you are moving into vibration alignment with your desired object.

Perfect Example Of Manifestation

Beth in partyOne of my readers, Beth shared her story with me that I feel is a perfect example of manifestation. I have shared it below:

Beth told me she decided to work in Miami, but she didn’t have a job and any place to live. However, she was determined to work and start a new life there.

After using Manifestation Magic, she dumped into her old friend who she hasn’t meet for many years. This was very strange for her because she took a different route to her work, and it was a completely unusual area for her.

Her friend invited her to the dinner party that night. Beth was reluctant at first because she was planning to leave within a week and had a long to-do-list. But something told her to accept the invitation.

Well, Beth was sitting talking with her friend when a lady came and sat next to her. That lady was the owner of the beachside Miami hotel who was looking for a live-in accountant to start work from the next week. Interestingly, Beth had exact same credentials and experience that she was looking for. This was the perfect example of the universe lining up with the things in such a way that we never understand.

Bonus Tip – Write Letter To The Universe

When you are clear in your desire and want the Universe to send you a sign, then you have to write a letter to the universe. Let go of all your fears and resistance by writing a letter about the things you want the universe to send you.

The act of writing a letter is so powerful that it will make you feel what you want from the universe. And make sure you write the letter with the pen (instead of typing) because it puts a positive effect on your brain.

So the conclusion is…

You can get a sign from the universe in any way.

By asking the universe for the perfect ‘neon sign’ for the manifestation is coming, one perfect manifestation sign will occur.

So go-head and get started to fill out your cosmic order form, and play the Manifestation Magic audio tracks before you go to sleep.

Things will start happening in your life!

Have You Ever Tried Manifesting Money?

Manifest Spendable MoneyThese are the five proven steps on how to manifest money that you can use to manifest SPENDABLE money in your life.

Be specific of how much and why you need the money and have a strong belief that you get it. Make manifesting money easier with the help of visualization technique and make sure you visual not because you want it but because it feels good. And in the end, increase awareness about yourself and destroy obstacles that come in your way.

Don’t forget to hear brainwaves audios every day to rewrite your mind and stop negative thoughts coming into your mind. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, you can always make it happen.

These were the five steps on how to manifest money that I wanted to share with you. Now, you must try them and let me know about how they work in the comment section below!

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